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Showverse S1 post

 I run a challenge comm called Showverse. This'll be where I post anything that I make for it. Feel free to ignore. :) 


Claire Casey || 21 || Played by Sabrina Carpenter

Claire Casey is the only child of single mom Shari Casey and they’ve lived their entire lives in a dead-end midwestern town. She is a passionate, feisty, strong, and sensitive young woman. Graduating top of her high school class, Claire was accepted into a prestigious university where she planned on being the first college graduate in her family. Life intervened though in unexpected ways. Claire suffered a mental breakdown and was forced to drop out. Her dreams of traveling the world, running a successful company, and living without public assistance seemingly crushed.

We meet Claire as she’s trying to help make ends meets by working part-time at Winston’s department store. This is where her life changes forever.     


Alvin “Buddy” Bruno || 30 || Played by Tyler Hoechlin

Buddy Bruno is an Honorably Discharged Marine vet from California. In order to keep his mind busy, Buddy took an assistant manager position at Winston’s 4 years ago; around the same time Claire started as a sales associate. Buddy is one of the kindest gentleman you could ever meet, but he also has a wild streak. He is meticulous and intelligent as well, but impulsive on occasion. In the early days of his treatment and recovery, Buddy didn’t have any friends for support. He quickly befriended Claire who in turn dubbed him her best friend. They were two broken souls needing a shoulder.

We meet Buddy as his war injuries are causing him intense and almost constant pain. His doctor suggests he stop working totally, but Buddy knows his finances wouldn’t be enough to support him. Life gets even more complicated when Claire drops a bomb on him.