Jul. 26th, 2017 06:08 pm
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I'm so upset about what happened in my country today.

Need a little help please, guys...

Jul. 26th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Still been a rough few weeks. Still dealing with health and financial issues plus a close friend, of more than thirty years, has just been diagnosed with Stage Four stomach cancer.

His tumor is rare and particularly nasty. Even with chemo it doesn't look good but he's a fighter. Heck, he had his first round of chemo yesterday and today he and his band, the Bowlers, are playing at the Ohio State Fair. As Danya put it, he may have to sit his 'Rocking Ass down for it but he'll be there". Mike is their lead guitarist.

Mike and Danya are two of the nicest people on this planet! Danya is a Vet, Mike is an incredible artist/musician. Each year at WonderFest he designs a Plaque to honor the show based on Lee's designs for the show that year. They are always beautiful and true works of art. As soon as I can I'm going to be taking pictures of any of the previous year's Plaques we still have to post to eBay so I can send anything we can make off them along via Mike's paypal account.

Before he got sick, Mike was feeding and caring for several feral cat colony's in Columbus. Besides their own menagerie of fur balls they've rescued and love at home. You wouldn't believe the cat runs, the cat sun room he's designed for them, they're amazing. Both of them truly live lives of service to others, be they human or tend to purr. A GoFundme has been set up to help them with the massive medical bills they're facing right now. Please, if you can, take a look, definitely share the link if you wouldn't mind:

Mike & Danya's Rocking Support Group:

As for me, still fighting to get over this latest flareup of my lupus. Plus, I'm still trying to sell whatever I can to help us pay bills and make ends meet. I'm getting stuff posted to Ebay to sell now that my vision has settled down a little from my flare. If you guys wouldn't mind sharing what I've posted I'd really appreciate it. Here's the link:


If you see anything you'd like, but would rather pay for it here, let me know and I can tell you what it'd be with postage. My Paypal is bstaton@iglou.com. If you do buy something, if you wouldn't mind, send payment for it via friends and family. That way they don't take out all the fees.

Any help passing this along would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to keep adding stuff to sell as I can get pictures taken. If you guys wouldn't mind sharing what I've posted I'd really appreciate it. Here's the link:


If you see anything you'd like, but would rather pay for it here, let me know and I can tell you what it'd be with postage. My Paypal is bstaton@iglou.com. If you do buy something, if you wouldn't mind, send payment for it via friends and family. That way they don't take out all the fees.

Any help passing this along, too, would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to keep adding stuff to sell as I can get pictures taken.

Thanks, guys, as always, for listening. Love you!


Long time no see

Jul. 25th, 2017 10:59 pm
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So um, it's, um, been, um, awhile. Oops. Life, ya know?

Anyways, I thought I would start out slow back into the journal world and just update this journal about what I am planning to watch this fall. Can you believe it is nearly time for fall tv?!?!?! Where has the year gone?!?!

What I plan to watch:
Young Sheldon - I already watch Big Bang and I watched the "first look" for this on TVline.com. I think it looks cute. Plus it will be fun to see how they develop the other members of Sheldon's family. I am most interested in his mother since she will be played by Laurie Metcalf's daughter.

Will & Grace - Not really a new show and I watched it off and on back in the day. But I have a lot of memories attached to this show and I am interested to see what they do with it.

The Gospel of Kevin or Kevin (Probably) Saves the World [whatever they are calling it now] - I have a soft spot for Jason Ritter. J. August Richards & Joanna Garcia Swisher are also awesome so I gotta give this one a try.

Law & Order : True Crime - The cast is rad especially Sam Jaeger & Anthony Edwards.

The Orville - Well part of me is watching it because it is the same street name as mine (though spelled differently) haha. Also, I do enjoy Seth Macfarlane & Scott Grimes and wacky funny things so I will watch at least the pilot.

Marvel's Inhumans - I am not sure about this one yet. I do watch S.H.I.E.L.D but I mainly watch for Ming-Na and I am pretty behind. Thoughts?

I also have plans for another post about the shows I already watch and how long I have been watching them. I'll have to do just shows that will also be on this fall or it'll be wayyyy too long. Hehe.

What about you all? What are you watching anything new this fall?

3 Books

Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:39 pm
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Two in-progress, and one abandoned. 

Fourmile by Watt Key
Fourmile's plot is my own special kind of crack: a mysterious (as in most likely running from the law) drifter takes a shine to a lonely, fatherless boy and stays on to help the boy's mother sell the family farm, which has, along with the family's personal life, gone to pot in the last few months. Unfortunately--and I'm not quite sure why--the characters don't live up to the coolness of their story. They're not flat, exactly, but they're just not surprising; in every situation they all react exactly as you'd predict these types of characters would. It's not enough to make me quit reading; I just wish I could love the characters as much as I love the plot. 

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
I gave up on this a quarter of the way through. It's very, very tropey, which is fantastic, but none of those tropes happened to be ones I like. There's a gorgeous yet sinister guy, a beautiful, flighty younger sister, and a main character who's considered plain by the standards of the time but probably wouldn't do too badly for herself today. Which is fine--beauty standards change. But when are we going to get a heroine who'd be considered plain both then and now, or a heroine whose appearance isn't constantly brought up because, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter? That being said, there's an amazing sense of atmosphere--dark and cold and spindly--and the gorgeous yet sinister guy is obviously based on David Bowie from Labyrinth. I might give this one another try someday. Maybe. 

Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule
This'll be my second Ann Rule book; I'm liking it even more than Empty Promises. Small Sacrifices covers the Diane Downs case, which I first heard about on My Favorite Murder (episode 12, I think). The book (obviously) goes into a lot more detail, especially when it comes to Diane's background. You can't exactly pity her--and honestly, I'd be straight up terrified of anyone who did--but it's interesting to see how her childhood most likely influenced what she ended up becoming. 

Dept. of Success

Jul. 22nd, 2017 04:34 pm
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This Is What Success Looks Like ...

Under here .... )
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My favorite guilty pleasure gets its sequel tonight! Naturally, I am very hyped for Descendants 2. (Especially after listening to Mal and Evie's gay as all hell duet on the freshly-released soundtrack, omg.)

I don't have anything else to say, really. I'm just so excited!

I'm still around!

Jul. 20th, 2017 07:35 pm
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Hey guys! I promise I'm still kicking, heheh. I'm a bit emotionally exhausted as of late, so I won't be here much, but I'll be back! <3 

If nothing else, I'll probably be doing some Pokemon gaming updates in upcoming days.


Jul. 19th, 2017 10:20 am
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My body is falling apart this week. I'm on my period, so I know my asthma is worse. And it got hot again, which isn't hasn't been doing much of. And though I try to pretend I am not allergic to the world, I am. It's not something you can handwave away.

Which is all to say I've had four asthma flare-ups and one bad attack, all in the last four days. Two of them were on Monday, just walking to work. NOT COOL.

Last night, 5 of us from the department went out to a new restaurant in town. It was a marvelous evening, we all had such a good time. The library is a frozen tundra lately (also probably a contributing factor to me), so we asked to eat outside. I should not have decided that. But it was warm without being hot, and it was quite nice out there! And then I ordered a goat cheese flatbread. I ate very little of it, as unicorn J had ordered us five appetizers and we wanted the ice wine lemon dessert, but still, I am allergic to cheese. (It was good, though.)

And the dessert was amazing. J and I split it, which was perfect, and totally shared moments over it's deliciousness. It was quite funny. And then two of the Js walked back to the library, and unicorn J and I took our favorite winding way back. And about 3/4 the way there, I actually had to take a break and lean against a tree to try and breathe. And then I made it to a bench outside the library, to take my inhaler and get my breathing back. And then had to sit at the library. And then got dizzy in the bathroom. It was awful. I think I scared J. I let her drive me home, and I turned on the a/c for the first time all summer and read while drinking warm tea. It took hours to stop being shaky and get my breathing back under control.

I emailed in last night that I'd come in late so I could rest. Today is our gardening program, and it's so important to me to go. But it's hot and a bad air quality day, so I am having to plan carefully. A bottle of water, not cold. Spray bottle of water, cold. Damp fabric to breathe deeply through occasionally. A hat. My coolest dress. Driving all this week, no more walking. Finding chances to sit. Keeping my inhaler with me. Driving home straight after and resting.

I do not do well as the sick person. I much prefer taking care of people. I hate having to carefully plan my outdoors. Limits not decided by me suck. And I'm disappointed that there's no way I can see Field of Dreams outside on the big screen this week. I knew I'd be taking a risk with mosquitoes, a big allergy trigger, but with the high grass pollen and my response last night to being outside for two hours, I just can't. And I'm sad about that. :(

Also, I think I really scared J last night, and I feel bad about that. But man, I am SO GRATEFUL she was there. I would have gotten through it okay, but it would have been so much harder and so much scarier to be alone. A would have driven me home after I'd made it to the library, but there would have been waiting and stress and J was a very calming influence. And all that after she paid for our entire bill, all the apps and our dinners and our pitcher of sangria. I need to buy her her favorite gummies, and try to win the fight of buying the next few meals. I'll sneak them in somehow!

Time for some self-care yoga, totally non-strenuous or taxing. Because that's how I roll these days.

Some Stuff

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:53 am
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  • This month I fell into a bit of a reading slump, and I've been slowly working my way out of it by reading a whole bunch of middle grade books. I just finished Ghost by Jason Reynolds and Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes. Olive's Ocean is an old favorite (I remember listening the audiobook when I was around the same age as the main character, Martha) and oh boy, did it hold up the second time around. I can't help but love how conflicted and miserable Martha is through most of the story because that's, more or less, how I felt when I was twelve: lonely and awkward and tired of everyone, especially everyone in my family. Olive's Ocean is also a very small story--one summer with one family--that still feels huge and deeply emotional. 
  • Ghost is pretty short. Even shorter than Olive's Ocean, which I read all the way through in one day. It's also hilarious, and features two things I adore: a snarky kid narrator and an "inspirational coach" type of character who's almost just as snarky. If anything, I wish that this one had been a little longer, but it's part of a series, so I will be able to spend more time with the characters once the second book comes out. 
  • I emailed in my application for peer tutoring a few days ago. I won't be getting an answer back for a couple more days, but I have a pretty good feeling about my chances. Mostly I'm just worried about filling the position for one of the classes that fits with the rest of my schedule before someone else does. 
  • An idea for a short story was bugging me, so I decided to try writing it down last week. I ended up learning two things. One: I can still write short stories, but two: I don't actually want to write short stories right now. Which feels weird, since I always figured that I did still want to write short stories--I just hadn't come up with any good ideas yet. But ideas aren't the problem. The problem is that I'm just not interested in them. And maybe I was never interested in writing short stories as much as I was interested in publishing short stories...anyway, if I'm going to write, I want to enjoy what I'm writing, so after typing up a couple paragraphs I gave up and dumped it in my "Bits & Pieces" file. It really wasn't a bad beginning. I'm just not interested in continuing it. At all. 
  • Better writing news: my July Horror Movie Spotlight for TFI is up. This month it's I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, which I already talked about here and still have mixed feelings about. I always find things I should have changed in my posts after they're finished and posted, but I don't think this one turned out too bad. You can find it here.  
  • I'm getting caught up on My Favorite Murder. Episode 77 was amazing, and by that I mean it covered two absolutely horrific stories. I haven't listened to Lore in a while, so that's next on my list. 

Department of Dr. WHO-HOO

Jul. 16th, 2017 01:50 pm
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Sometimes we CAN have nice things. 

Here, and here

Okay then

Jul. 16th, 2017 01:03 pm
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Last weekend ended up exhausting and totally awesome. I went to my colleague's wedding, as planned. I got there just before 3pm---and stayed until 10pm. My mother kept texting, How was the wedding? And I kept answering, Still here! And I was actively social--talking and chatting and telling stories and singing Broadway numbers (White Christmas, Sound of Music, etc)and storytime songs with the others, plus lots of comic book and movie debate. I think it would have been perfect if I'd left around 9 instead, when I was still feeling good, rather than at 10, when I'd crossed over into dizzy and nauseous from exhaustion and collapsed right into bed upon returning home, ha. But it was a good day.

It was a lowkey, chill affair in coworker unicorn J's backyard, officiated by her husband. Half the guests were the grooms' friends from college, and the other half of us were from the library, ha. Half the librarians were Hufflepuffs and half were Slytherins, it was great. J and I walked to the liquor store at one point and got several compliments because were were both in yellow, which is not a common sight! And no, no family members of the grooms--there was some resistance from both families, for a variety of reasons, including that my colleague is trans. Families were told after the ceremony and brief honeymoon, so we've all been waiting to post our pics until the okay is given. But we all looked cute, especially the grooms!!

H cried the entire time, which he wasn't expecting. F is a lovely, very relaxed guy who was fun and easy to talk with. Both wore flower crowns and matching silver waistcoats with their bowties being their respective house colors (green for H and blue for F). One of the guests was on a 30s kick and showed up in a 30s skirt suit she had sewed herself and was amazing. I had one drink the entire time, a Lavender Brown special with lavender lemonade and whiskey, and it was utterly delightful.

I spent most of it with library staff, but not even the ones I would have assumed. I even had a great time with A there, which was a surprise. There was definitely work gossip, as I shared some stories we'd protected parttimers from for years, and A shared current info about our disintegrating IT department. And the aforementioned singing. Really, lovely day.

But then I went from crashing, into work on Sunday. I gave myself Sunday morning off with no expectations, reading with coffee and classical music and coffee, and that helped. I was able to be as on and sparkly as I needed at work, and then did nothing on Monday, too. It was necessary recharging time.

And then I finally sent A the break-off text. She was really sweet about it, said she'd thought that was where I was heading, she was about to do the check in text, and thanked me for initiating the hard conversation. But she also said she was disappointed and sad because she'd really liked me, and she needed to think about the possibility of becoming friends instead. Which in turn made me sad, because I think she would be a good friend, and also I really hate disappointing people and making nice people sad. :(

So, not quite sure what to do now. I guess return to okc? But so many matches live in the city, and that's really just not going to work for me. I need cool ladies in the suburbs. But not the suburb I live and work in, because that sets my privacy/boundary senses tingling. There wsa a bi ladies meet up group that had a meeting at the bar down the street a few times earlier this year, I guess I am hoping that they schedule another one there.

It's hard. I want to put myself out there, but also I don't, and why can't this be easy? LOL I know, life doesn't really work like that. It's okay.

At the wedding, H asked if I had even a flash of wanting to get married during the ceremony. She had, to her surprise. I didn't, really. I was super happy for them. It made me imagine a wedding, but that's really just the big party. I would, at some point, like to have a big party. But not necessarily a marriage.

Field of Dreams is playing in the park next week after work, and I really, really wanted to go to that. But I really wanted someone to go with me to that. My one coworker agreed, but then backed out to see another movie at the planetarium instead. I guess I will try another. It would have been a fun date with someone, though. If only things with A hadn't started a week or two later? Or earlier so I had a chance to meet someone new, ha. Oh, well. We'll see what happens!

Hello, Doctor!

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:29 pm
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Well, I had plans for this weekend. It's my second full weekend off this month, which never ever happens. I was going to be productive! Tackle my car trunk, turn on my old computer and figure out how to backup iTunes, check the emails that won't load on this new one for some reason, build my terrarium, go see Spiderman. Instead, yesterday, I read two books and sort of watched The Knick, which my assistant manager highly recommended. (Wasn't quite my style, but I was fascinated by the 1900 medical procedures and the women.) I walked down two blocks to pick up my prescription and some milk and ended up dizzy and exhausted. Thanks, period. I still want to see Spiderman today, but I have some fears that my period could make me very sick, and I'd hate to be 1.5 miles away and have to walk home. So I guess we'll see how that goes.

Today's productivity got a bit derailed when I slept until 10 (10!!!!) and then realized that Wimbeldon was over and the 13th Doctor had been revealed. Like, actually with almost perfect timing. I hopped on my computer to see when it would be over and the news had been released six minutes earlier.

It's no surprise that my dream had been Hayley Atwell, and that I'd been excited by a few other of the rumored people: Olivia Coleman, David Harewood, etc. But when I saw the headline, "The new Doctor is a woman," my heart stopped. I honestly thought it was a joke. I'd wanted it, there had been such a push for it, but they wouldn't really do it, would they?

They did. And my God, I am so giddy. I just keep randomly grinning and refreshing twitter and seeing such cute fanart of our new Doctor and getting more giddy. I'm a huge fan of Broadchurch, and I am thrilled with Jodie Whittaker's casting. She's such a great actor, and I think she's going to bring so much to the character. I can't wait to see her costume. I can't wait to see her in action.

I remember being at work for Matt Smith's casting, refreshing websites constantly, waiting for the news to break. I remember being downstairs at my parents, watching the BBCA special that ended with Peter Capaldi coming out for the announcement and instantly feeling that he was my perfect Doctor. I'm a little sad Jodie didn't get the same sort of welcome, but honestly, just the news is enough.

I really am going to miss Capaldi--I've loved him in the role, even if I haven't loved all the stories told. But I am so excited for what is to come. And I'm so excited that it's an actress my mom knows--she says she's actually looking forward to watching the Christmas special with me! Normally I either have it on and she whines and complains even as she gets sucked in, or I have to go watch alone in another room. But this year she says we'll make popcorn and tea. She also loved that 50th anniversary tv movie about the launch of Doctor Who and is looking forward to seeing David Bradley as the First Doctor again. It's going to be so awesome. <3

So, yay! Happy fandom times. It's also the one year anniversary of the new Ghostbusters, so there's been a lot of fic and a bit of a graphics resurgence on twitter, which is fun. I signed up for h/c bingo, and think I can manage a GB series out of it, which will be fun. Still waiting to hear if femslashex will go on this year with a new mod.

Disney Expo really had some big news this year. I am utterly gutted at the loss of The Great American Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios, especially since it's being replaced by a Mickey and Minnie ride that isn't even classic. Epcot seems about to lose MouseGears, the biggest and best gift shop, as well as Club Cool with all the Coke flavors from around the world, and that royally sucks, too. I buy SO MUCH at Mouse Gears. The new rides sound fun, and the new look for Future Land does look nice and futurey, so I guess we'll see what ends up going where. Seems like there will be massive, massive changes almost everywhere for our next visit, in/after Dec 2018.

I am also intrigued by the Infinity War trailer reports, including Bucky fighting in the Wakandan Army. I am very glad he is awake, but I also feel like that should be a big plot point (much like his decision to enter cryofreeze should not have been a mid-credits moment), and it will probably also be glossed over. Unless he's in Black Panther? Also, you know, Cap in full beard. Bet Chris Evans loved that. It sounds really chaotic and wild, and I generally trust the Russos, so we'll see.

We finally, finally hit the midpoint of summer reading yesterday. I can't quite conceive that. I think that August is going to be a little painful. (We usually end around August 1. This year, August 24. Oy.) Programming continues to be delightful and fun and social justicey. I'm already having to be deep into planning October and November, which occasionally makes me confused as to where in the year I truly am.

Reading and work. I think that's essentially all I am doing right now. And yoga. Which means things can crosspost again, which is a side benefit. I won't lie, I miss comments, ha.

One of my coworkers has a Passion Planner, and I rather like its set up. Does anyone else use one? I printed off a few pages to give it a whirl before shelling out for an actual one, to see if I'll use it. I see it less for work and more for my personal life and therapy goals more than anything.

I guess I should start tidying, maybe build my terrarium. Next Spiderman is in an hour, which seems unlikely. But maybe the one after that? Or maybe I could finally choose a damn pattern for my Anne of Green Gables quilt--I've been super caught up in choosing The Perfect Pattern, easy but not too easy, period looking without being too fiddly and complicated for my skill level and also suiting my fabric. I'm thinking maaaaaaaaybe log cabin? Augh. I don't know. So many choices!

Oh, also, it is Christmas movie marathon week on Hallmark. Totally time to tune in and enjoy that. <3

Even Shorter Entry

Jul. 14th, 2017 03:14 pm
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Sorry for the lack of updates, but, honestly, there hasn't been a whole lot worth writing about. I've been reading. (Mostly) keeping up with my writing goals, which is great. I also got the opportunity to apply to become a peer tutor for one of the FYEX (First Year Experiences) classes at my college, which I'll definitely do. The workload seems pretty reasonable, and I could use the extra credit. It also relates to my major (English Ed), so I really hope I can find a class that fits in with my schedule. 

Other than that, about the most interesting thing I did all week was rewatch The Magnificent Seven and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I love both of these movies to pieces, and for similar reasons; they're both so. much. fun. I think it comes down to the chemistry between the characters--in both stories almost every interaction, between any combination of characters, is a joy to watch. The Magnificent Seven has that very stereotypical classic Western feel that I can't get enough of, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is so vibrant and beautiful and full of over-the-top period details. Especially Gaby's orange dresses. Seriously. Who knew orange could be such a flattering color? 

Dept. of What? WHAT??

Jul. 13th, 2017 08:08 pm
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Photobucket, Part Deux

Earlier today, I checked some of my posts with pictures and such from Photobucket. The latest ones were still not-showing up (although they didn't have that odd graphic that some people's pages are afflicted with. Earlier ones, however, were still showing up. OK, I thought, perhaps this stupidity only affects recent images? 

Just now, I checked, and all the ones that had gone missing from DW/LJ were back in place. They're still here. 

However, since other folks' appear to still be missing their images, I am at a complete loss as to account for my "recovery." Nor do I know whether it should last. 

Has anyone else noticed that sort of thing happening?

My Top 5 Polyships

Jul. 13th, 2017 04:50 pm
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Basically, I'm still new to polyships, and new to accepting polyamory without treating it as a foreign concept. I probably would not describe myself as poly, though I still mildly question this at times.

Anyway! Let's get down to the business of listing some polyships! In no particular order, my top five are:

1. OT3: Bender/Fry/Leela, Futurama (aka "Bender doesn't like to be left out, and will not be ignored.)
2. OT3: Chel/Tulio/Miguel, The Road to El Dorado (I prefer femslash for Chel, but this is such a classic OT3)
3. OT4: Mal/Evie/Carlos/Jay, Disney's Descendants
4. OTV: Pearl/Bismuth+Garnet/Bismuth, Steven Universe (Could work as OT3 if I'm in a Pearlnet place, which is admittedly rare for me.)
5. OTV: Cassandra/Rapunzel+Eugene/Rapunzel, Tangled: The Series (Quickly becoming more of an OT3 for me.)

What are some of your favorite polyships, if any?

*falls over*

Jul. 13th, 2017 02:40 pm
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Lesson learned: Moving, even just across the hall, is stressful. Especially when it's hot and muggy.

On the other hand, I'm playing Alpha Sapphire as a de-stresser, and my starter Torchic surprised me by being female. With my brief revisit to Gen 5 having Garnet the Tepig, and of course, Dawn the Primarina in Moon, that's three first-try female starters in a row.

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